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Attorney at Law

Richard Boe’s background covers such diverse fields as engineering, real estate, health and fitness, consumer electronics, the entertainment industry, domestic and international teaching, and higher education. He has operated his own electronics, real estate (brokerage, development and construction), a large multi-recreational health and fitness club as well as entertainment businesses. He has been involved in broadcasting as an on-air personality and behind the scenes in production and personal management. He is also a singer/songwriter and has performed with several music groups. Richard has worked for several major companies including the Federal Government (Navy Department and FAA) as an engineer and in various other capacities.

Richard has attended numerous educational institutions and universities, earning his Bachelor of Science Degree and his Juris Doctor degree in 1971. After graduating from law school, Richard has worked in real estate as a licensed broker, lecturer, writer, and investor and as a real estate attorney. His business experience is spread over many professions, allowing him to teach as a university professor in the MBA Graduate program for City University at home and abroad. His business experience also allows him to counsel others as an attorney and business advisor.




Attorney at Law

Deborah Boe’s passion is seeking justice for employees who have been unfairly treated in the workplace. Before she was a lawyer, she was a small business owner, manager for a Fortune 500 company and an international adjunct professor. She has a Masters in Human Resources, along with her experience, gives her a unique perspective to help employees. Before joining her husband’s practice in 2017, she was a deputy prosecutor for Kitsap County where she defended the county in employment cases among others. She has found her calling representing employees while also well understanding the employer’s perspective.

She loves private practice where she can still find balance enjoying time with her family, gardening, kayaking and traveling. You won’t get a fancy office, but you’ll get a very dedicated, experienced and empathetic counselor lawyer.